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postheadericon Writing a Thesis: You Don`t Need Books, You Need Yoga!

I simply can`t handle this anymore! How often have you had a thought like that while studying at university or work for essay writing service in USA? Sometimes it seems that your mental condition is close to a collapse. It may resemble a Tower of Pisa or something like that. That architectural masterpiece looks like it`s going to fall any minute but it will stand there for centuries. Your psychological state, on the other hand, looks okay at the first sight, but, in reality, it`s slowly breaking down, slowly crashing every piece of your soul.

When people have a nervous work or a hectic studying schedule they often try yoga in order to find that lost balance of body and mind. Yoga seems to be a universal recipe for treating an unstable mental state, depression, or massive stress. At least, that`s an idea which is on everybody`s mind nowadays, isn`t it?

You see people doing yoga on the TV-screens, in the parks, at the gym, there are various commercials which sell yoga clothes. It seems that yoga is turning into a pop-culture phenomenon and it departs from its initial meaning. You can practice this activity either for a cool Instagram picture or to make it easier for yourself to write such a massive work as a thesis. It`s your choice. If I were you, I`d choose the second one. At least, we are more qualified to give you some tips on writing a thesis. So let`s find out whether yoga will prepare your mind and body to such a challenge.

Looking Good in Yoga Pants Is Not Enough

Ah, yoga pants! One of the most popular memes on the Internet. I`ve heard so many jokes about those. Perhaps, they have become a more prominent cultural phenomenon than yoga itself. Did you know that starting from 2016 yoga is officially proclaimed by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) as intangible cultural heritage? So, it has to be preserved at all costs. All the Instagram divas are working hard in order to achieve that.

Anyway, why is yoga good for us? First and foremost, it has more than 4 thousand-year-old history, and if something was wrong with it, people would have figured it out by now, right? The biggest misconception about yoga, which is existing in the bottomless ocean of the Internet, is that this is some sort of physical activity, an equivalent to the sport. It`s not that easy!

Yoga is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual practices which work only as a team. Trying to do a certain complicated pose is not only about your athletic skills, it`s also deals with your thoughts and messages that you send into space. If you`re a rather skeptical person and you don`t believe in spiritualism, then, perhaps, you can try gymnastics, acrobatics, or swimming which are very good for your nervous system as well. Yoga comes in pair with meditation, so “a downward facing dog” or “a tree” poses simply won`t work without any spiritual mindset.

Try “a Warrior” Pose While Writing a Thesis

I guess that pose may symbolize your fight with laziness and procrastination. I wonder who`s going to be a winner? So, we have come to the conclusion that in order to make yoga help you with writing a massive paper or passing the exams, you have to include spiritualism in your practices. How do you do that exactly?

There are dozens and hundreds of various techniques. One of the simplest and the most effective is breathing technique. Firstly, it will get your brain saturated with oxygen which will influence positively your thinking abilities. Secondly, it will release tension, ease the pressure, and prepare you for the mental and intellectual challenge.

Many people who included yoga in their daily routine say that it helped them to get their mind back on track and it became easier to pour out their ideas and thoughts while writing essays or academic papers. You know, there are those moments when you simply can`t come up with the title or an entrance sentence? It`s like some kind of a block that won`t let you free. Yes, yoga helps with that as well. All the research at the libraries and sleepless nights may hit your nervous system pretty hard so now you know what to do to make your barely tolerable student life easier.